About Typetester

Typetester helps you to preview, evaluate, compare and design with more than 2800 available typefaces for use in your web projects.

The days of having to solely rely on typefaces shipped with vendor systems are now a thing of the past. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with our good old system fonts. It’s just there is a whole new typographic universe out there with many fine-crafted typefaces waiting to be discovered. Typefaces which can add that extra element of beauty, inspiration or professionalism, whether it be to aid and improve the reading experience, through to evoking the message or tone unique to your product or service.

The team

  • Marko Dugonjić


  • Irena Dugonjić

    User research

  • Rade Brujić

    Quality Assurance / Copy Editing

  • Mario Lončarić

    Developer (Alumni)


Typetester is designed and developed by Creative Nights, a user experience design consultancy that specializes in planning, designing and building websites, web applications and digital interfaces. In the summer of 2016 we incorporated a separate company, Typetester LLC.

The summer of 2005 saw the first release of Typetester, a simple tool we developed with the help and support from members of web.burza, unpljugged and mi3dot.org (the legendary Croatian web design community), for what was then a small group of Web enthusiasts. It came at a time when typography was heavily neglected in UI design due to only a handful of typefaces being readily available to work with.

From its inception in 2005, Typetester has been mentioned on many websites and in numerous printed publications citing Typetester as a go-to resource for learning screen typography. We’ve received a lot of praise, and many interesting questions too, which eventually led to a chapter on typography in Smashing Book #4 and a talk titled Responsive Web Typography.

In 2015, with web fonts by now having gone main-stream, we went back to the drawing board, rewrote and fine-tuned more than 80% of the original code base and with much excitement partnered with some of the finest and leading web font hosting providers allowing us to provide a vast selection of quality web fonts through Typetester.

Technical details

Typetester is written in HTML5, styled with the finest CSS and driven by some nifty JavaScript for manipulating DOM structures that really brings the application to life. For this reason, Typetester will not work if JavaScript has been disabled.


We’d love to hear what you think about Typetester. Feel free to send us a message.