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When we first released Typetester in the summer of 2005, it was a simple tool developed for a small group of Web enthusiasts. It also came at a time when typography was heavily neglected in screen design due to only a handful of “web safe” typefaces being available to work with.

Over the proceeding years from its initial release, Typetester has been recommended as one of the go-to resources for learning screen typography by numerous websites and printed publications. We received a lot of praise, and many interesting questions too, which eventually led to a chapter on typography in Smashing Book #4 and a talk titled Responsive Web Typography.

Hello, Web Fonts!

More than 2800 web fonts including fonts from Adobe Edge Web Fonts, Adobe Tyepkit, Google Fonts and traditional “web safe” fonts too.

Since 2015, Web fonts have gone main-stream with an abundance of typefaces and font delivery services now available to choose from. It is also no coincidence we received a lot of requests for including Web fonts in Typetester too. Well we took note and went away to work on some of the finer details which resulted in our partnership with Adobe Typekit. You can now preview and test the full Adobe Typekit library as well as Adobe Edge Web Fonts and Google Fonts on Typetester, completely free and without hassle. Once you have settled on a particular typeface, simply follow the direct link to the font page at the respective provider, and the rest is up to you.

Inspiration Gallery & Staff Picks — Oh my!

Not only have we introduced a vast array of typefaces for people to work and test with, but also making its debut is the inspiration gallery, with a very handy Staff Picks category, where you will find many typographic designs all of which were designed using Typetester. We knew the gallery would be a useful yet welcome addition. However, we really fell in love with it once we started exploring other people’s designs. It’s incredible that after all these centuries, typography is still refreshingly diverse.

Gallery entries provide a link to their respective Web font page.

The The Future?

We have many more ideas and developments in the pipeline for Typetester. Feel free to subscribe to subscribe to our newsletter for all Typetester related news and announcements and also get early access to www.typetester.org where you will be able to preview and provide feedback on new and upcoming Typetester features.


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