Typetester and Benton Modern selected for the Exhibition of Croatian Design 1516

June 29, 2016

The autumn of 2016 will see the latest instillment of the biannual Exhibition of Croatian Design, and for what will be the ninth exhibition since its inception by the Croatian Designers Society (HDD) in 1999.

1516 Biannual
Croatian Design

That being said, the nominations for the upcoming Exhibition of Croatian Design 1516 have recently been announced. As such, we are proud to announce that Typetester, our online tool for designing with web fonts, and Benton Modern, a web specimen brochure site we designed exclusively for the typeface, are amongst 10 projects shortlisted in the Digital Media / Interaction Design category.

This is our second consecutive nomination, having also received a Croatian Designers Association special mention at the last exhibition in 2014 for our Responsive Typography with WebRTC concept. Our concept demonstrated how fonts on a display screen could adapt automatically depending on the distance between a user’s face and the screen. This was achieved using a web camera (in-built or external) and the WebRTC API (originally used for peer-to-peer communication between two or more computers, i.e. video chats) for facial recognition which enabled us to calculate the actual distances to then set an appropriate font size. We ultimately wanted to show how this concept could be applied in situations where users regularly change positions whilst still interacting with an interface, for instance, reading a recipe on a website when cooking.

As always, it’s humbling when clients and fellow peers recognize and value our hard work and perseverance. Thank you to all the judges and our colleagues for their support. Furthermore, congratulations to all the fellow nominees and to everyone who participated thus far. It’s really encouraging to see such a vibrant and passionate design community which continues to grow and deliver quality work. All that is left to say is be sure to review the full list of shortlisted works. Thanks!

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